27 Questions To Ask A Girl To See If She Likes You

You'll notice common theme from all the question examples. You are not just asking questions to ask questions. You want to bring everything back to you so you can gauge her genuine interest levels.
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You’ve met this amazing person, and the last thing you want to do is move too fast or make a mistake that could cost you the relationship before it even starts.

It’s not always easy to spot when she wants you to make the first move, so you don’t get rejected.

There are a few key things to look for, though, that can give you a big hint that she’s interested in you and wants you to ask her out.

Knowing how to read these signs will help you understand the best time to ask for her number or ask her out on a date, even if she is hiding her true feelings.

How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

If you see these signs, take the opportunity and ask her out – she’ll likely say yes!

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Read her body language.

Her action will tell you what she is genuinely thinking even if she is not saying anything.

There are several ways to read a girl’s body language to see if she likes you:

  • If she’s facing you and has her arms uncrossed.
  • If she frequently makes eye contact with you in a flirty way (You know the look).
  • If she touches you while talking.
  • If she toys with her hair while talking to you.
  • Laughs at your jokes, even if they are not that funny.

All of these are good signs that she’s interested in you and wants you to make a move.

See if she smiles at you.

One of the most common ways to tell if a girl likes you is if she smiles at you when she sees you.

If she smiles and looks happy to see you, it’s a good sign that she likes you.

If she doesn’t smile and has the vibe of, “Oh, it’s just you,” that’s a bad sign.

Look at how she talks to you.

This is another common way to tell if a girl likes you or not.

If she’s feeling you, she’ll probably:

  • Talk to you more than other people.
  • Make sure the conversation stays focused on you most of the time.
  • Ask you a lot of questions about yourself.
  • She tries to make you laugh.
  • Tease you in a fun, flirty way.
  • Initiate deep, meaningful conversations.

These are all great signs that she’s open to exploring more and wants to get to know you better.

Listen to what she says.

What a girl says can be a great way to tell if she likes you.

If she’s constantly talking about other guys or says things like, “All guys are jerks.”

She’s probably not interested in you and is just trying to send a message that she’s not ready for a relationship or sees you as just a friend.

On the other hand, if she talks about you a lot or always finds ways to bring you into the conversation, she’s definitely interested in you.

Another way to tell if a girl likes you is if she asks you for help or advice on something.

This shows that she trusts you and values your opinion.

She probably wouldn’t bother asking for your help if she didn’t like you.

She includes you in her plans.

The most obvious sign a girl likes you is if she starts including you in her plans.

If she invites you to hang out with her and her friends or asks you to come along to events she’s going to, it’s a good sign that she likes you.

She wouldn’t want to spend time with you if she didn’t like you.

She gets jealous when you talk to other girls.

One of the most significant signs that a girl likes you is if she gets jealous when you talk to other girls.

If she suddenly becomes possessive or territorial.

She tries to hijack your conversation or grab you by the arm to pull you away from the girl you’re talking to; she’s definitely interested in you and doesn’t want to share your attention with anyone else.

She is willing to do just about anything with you.

If she wants you to know she is into you, she will agree to almost anything you ask.

Doesn’t matter where you want to go eat or what you want to do; she will be down.

She is willing to hang out with you even if it means doing something she doesn’t usually like to do.

For example, if you want to go hiking and she hates nature but still comes along with a smile, she definitely likes you.

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Should I ask a girl if she still likes me?

If a girl shows obvious signs that she likes you, then there’s no need to ask if she likes you.

If you ask for her number and she gives it, you suggest a second date, and she says yes, or you invite her to hang out with you, and she accepts, then it’s pretty safe to say that she likes you.

There’s no need to ask her directly, as it might make her feel awkward or put her on the spot.

It can also give off vibes that you are not confident or secure in yourself, which is a turn-off for most girls.

If you’re not sure if she likes you or not, the best thing to do is take things slow and see how she responds to your advances.

Start with flirting and see how she reacts.

If she flirts back, then she’s comfortable with you and is probably interested.

From there, you can ask her out on a date or invite her to hang out with you and see how she responds.

The bottom line is that if she likes you, she’ll definitely show it in one way or another.

You just have to be patient and pay attention to the signs.

How to ask a girl if she likes you over text or in person?

When you are ready to ask a girl if she likes you, be conscious of the time you’ve known her and how she has responded to your advances so far.

If you’ve just met, it might be best to wait a bit before asking her directly if she likes you.

You don’t want to come on too strong and scare her off.

It’s also important to consider how she communicates.

If she’s the type of person, who is more comfortable communicating via text or social media.

Then it might be best to ask her over text.

When wanting to develop a real personal connection, one-on-one time is always the best option.

It will help to gauge if she would be comfortable admitting that she likes you.

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Questions to ask a girl to see if she likes you

Ask these questions from a place of confidence, as if you already know the answer.

Or if her answer doesn’t really matter.

You want to keep things light and your emotions in check in case you get an answer you weren’t hoping for.

1. “What are you up to this weekend?”

This is a great question to ask if you want to gauge her interest level.

She’ll definitely let you know if she’s available and wants to spend time with you.

The key here is to see if she tries to reschedule or make time for you in her busy schedule.

2. “What are your most enjoyable memories with me?”

If you’ve been spending a little time together and doing some fun things.

It will help you gauge how much she enjoyed herself and if she’s looking forward to doing more things with you in the future.

3. “What are your thoughts on our current situation?”

If you’re not sure where you stand with her and want to know if she feels the same way.

It will give her a chance to open up about her feelings and let you know where she sees things going.

4. “What are your favorite things to do?”

This question can help you see if you have any common interests when trying to get to know her better.

It’s also a great way to find out what she’s passionate about and see if you share similar values.

5. “What kind of guys are you into? (False)”

I threw this curve ball in because, as a guy, you never want to appear beta or give self-doubt vibes.

Keep a confident frame and keep the focus only on what you have going on.

6. “When are you free?”

This open-ended question is good for gauging her interest level and finding out if she will make herself available to hang out.

It also shows that you are interested in spending more time with her, which can be a major turn-on for most girls.

It’s a known fact that people like the people who like them more.

So, if you want to know if she likes you back, make sure you let her know that you like her too by wanting to spend some one-on-one time together.

*Pro Tip: Always turn down the first day she offers and have her pick another day. You want to show that you are a guy that has things going on in his life, and she doesn’t just get your undivided attention.

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7. “I know exactly where I’m taking you on our next date. You down?”

Subtle hints like these show your interest level and allow you to see how she responds to spending time with you again.

Have fun with it and give it some mystery even if you don’t completely have all the details.

Pay close attention to her body language, not just what comes out of her mouth.

8. “What’s your ideal date?”

I like this one because she is taking the pressure off by letting you know you need to come off in a more romantic way, or she likes the simple things.

It also allows you to get an idea of what she likes and might be into.

You can use this information later as you try to impress her and win her over.

9. “Would you prefer to swim with sharks or go skydiving?”

Asking fun questions like this will help keep future conversations more enjoyable.

You can also find out more about her sense of adventure and what she enjoys doing.

Always include yourself by saying something like, “I’ll be there to protect you. I wish a shark would.”

Have obvious fun with this one.

10. “Who are your closest friends?”

You want to get an idea of the people she is close with but also wants to see if the conversation hints towards you meeting them.

If she starts talking about how great they are and how much fun you would have together, that is a great sign.

She is not going to let you into her close circle unless something is there.

Don’t make the mistake of inviting yourself.

When it comes to her circle, you want to focus on being invited in.

11. “What do you like to do for fun?”

You can build a great connection with someone while having fun together.

This will help you pick out dates you know she’ll love.

For example, if she says she’s a foodie and likes trying new spots.

You’ll say something like, “I know a little know spot that has the best fusion food. You in?”

12. “What is your favorite movie?”

Movies are not the best type of first date, but if you are shy around her or want to start with something simple, you can use this as an icebreaker question.

Movies are great conversation starters because people usually have strong opinions about them.

Hopefully, there’s a movie in theaters that’s in the same genre that you can use to ask for the date.

13. “What is your dream job?”

I’m sure you want a girl that has something going for her.

This will help open her up and start discussing her passion and what she wants in the future.

Let’s say she mentions that she wants to be a creator and start a YouTube channel that allows her to travel.

You can flirt like, “That’s awesome. How will we work when you fall madly in love with me? It’s uncontrollable.”

Keep it light, and make sure she knows you are joking around.

This is best after she has given you some obvious choosing signals, so you don’t come off too strong.

14. “What do you think about my outfit?”

Even if you know you have a great sense of style, this is an excellent question to ask a girl.

You want to see her response and get a feel for her attraction level to you.

Look for queue words like “hot,” “cute,” and “sexy.”

15. “What’s on your bucket list?”

This is an excellent small-talk question that can lead to more interesting questions.

You want to find a girl with some ambition and similar interests.

It’s also a way to get her talking about herself, which most people love to do.

If she is talking about a desire of hers while talking to you, it helps her associate positive feelings with you.

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16. “What should I know about you that I don’t?”

This is a great question to ask a girl and get to a more meaningful connection.

If she likes you, she will try hard to present herself in a positive light.

This question will also show you what she considers her best qualities.

Use this information to your advantage later on in the conversation or relationship.

17. “The way you said that is odd. Did you just put me in the friend zone?”

If you talk enough, something odd will eventually come up in the near future.

It doesn’t have to be bad, but use this to tease her playfully.

You want her to start trying to prove to you that’s not what that meant.

When she starts trying to validate herself to you, it’s a dead giveaway that she is into you.

18. “What are your thoughts on relationships?”

If you genuinely plan on spending time with a girl, you want to do what you can to make sure you are not wasting your time and energy.

The last thing you want is an unhealthy relationship.

Personal questions like this will help you weed out the girls that are not ready or looking for something real.

You don’t want your heart broken because you weren’t on the same page.

After her response, you can jokingly say, “I’m your type of guy for sure.”

Then wait to see if she responds positively.

19. “What kind of music do you like?”

Not liking the same kind of music is not a deal breaker. We have headphones these days.

It is a great way to lead up to asking for a date.

Once you know what type of music she likes, find a nice spot in the city that plays live music of that genre.

If she likes rap, take her to a small hip-hop show.

If she likes country, take her to a line dancing bar.

The options are endless, and it’s a great way to show you’re trying without going overboard.

20. “What’s the last spontaneous thing you did?”

When you can add spontaneity to the dating game, you add a new level of excitement that many guys will have difficulty matching.

Girls love a spontaneous guy. It shows you’re not afraid to take risks and that you are well-rounded.

Knowing what she did on a whim will also give you insight into her personality.

You can follow up with, “That sounds like so much fun. We definitely have that in common.”

21. “Do you like to be outdoors?”

This is a great question to ask a girl if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

You can find out if she enjoys the same activities that you do.

This is an easy alley-oop to asking if she wants to see the best view of the city from your favorite hiking trail.

22. “What’s your favorite food?”

Everyone likes to eat.

Find out her favorite food and use it as an opportunity to take her out to eat.

You can say something like, “I know this great sushi spot that has the best salmon rolls. Let me take you there for dinner.”

This is an easy way to be assertive without seeming demanding since it’s on-topic and something she likes to eat.

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23. “What is your favorite memory of your hometown?”

This is a nice way to get some insight into her upbringing.

You can find out what kind of family she comes from and her hometown.

You can easily offer to take her somewhere similar in your city that she may have never been.

24. “Do you like animals?”

We all have an animal we connect with: a family pet, an animal at the zoo, or our favorite character from a movie.

Asking her what animal she likes will help you better understand her and give you opportunities to joke with her.

If her favorite animal is a cat, you can say, “Well, how can we make this work because I’m allergic to cats.”

25. “What’s the most nerve-wracking thing you’ve ever done?”

This is a good question that can lead you to some playful banter.

If she is deathly afraid of public speaking and tells you the story.

Then you can hit her with some jokes about picturing everyone naked or something along those lines.

Tailor it to her experience and have a good laugh about it.

Bonus points if you have a similar story to share.

26. “What’s your biggest pet peeve about me?”

You obviously want her to say things like, “There’s nothing I don’t like about you.”

But even if she gives you a real answer, you can quickly recover and make a joke out of it.

This is an excellent question that will get her to tell you about what she likes and helps get rid of the guesswork.

27. “What’s the most romantic gesture anyone has ever done for you?”

This is a great question that will give you insight into what she is looking for in a relationship.

You can find out if she likes grand gestures or something more simple.

You can use her answer to your advantage and do something similar for her to score some points.

Let some time pass, and make sure it’s unique to you, so it feels more natural.

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How do I get her to talk about her feelings?

You have to be on a certain level before some people are more comfortable admitting their feelings.

If you want to get her to talk about her feelings, girl, she’ll have to be your friend first.

You can’t just go around asking people how they feel all the time because that would get pretty annoying pretty fast.

Instead, try getting to know her better and building a rapport before broaching the topic.

Be sure to keep your frame so you don’t become friend-zoned.

Once she feels comfortable with you, she’ll be more likely to open up about her feelings.

Is a dating coach a good idea?

It really depends on the person. Some people feel like they need more help than others when it comes to dating.

A dating coach could be a good idea if you feel like you’re struggling in the dating world.

Your friends may not always be the best people to give you advice because they may not be objective.

A dating coach can help you learn how to approach dating and how to ask a girl the right questions at the right times.

Dating coach alternatives

Even elite athletes have coaches, but if it’s just not the direction you want to take, there are a few other things you can do to help you out on the dating scene.

These will help you get the girl and help you live a life that helps you break out of your comfort zone and improve other areas of your life.

Take improv

Don’t knock it before you try it. I bet you’ll laugh more in an hour than you have in months.

Getting out of your comfort zone will not only help you with girls, but it will also help you in other aspects of your life.

Improv will teach you how to think on your feet and be spontaneous, both of which are attractive qualities.

It will help eliminate things like awkward silence during conversation.

Being able to think on your feet will also help you come up with interesting things to say on the spot.

This is a skill that will definitely come in handy when you’re out on a date.

Some social skills take repetition to get better at, and if you are not going on a lot of dates, it’s better to get these reps in before you meet the girl of your dreams.

Get a makeover

A new look can do massive wonders for your confidence.

Upgrade your wardrobe and try something different with your hair.

It doesn’t have to be drastic, but small changes can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself.

Start taking leaps. Start by going to the barber or salon and going with a recommendation from someone who makes people look good for a living.

Get more active

Fitness doesn’t hurt, but I’m talking about finding interesting hobbies and developing new skills.

The more life experience and things you are into, the better your conversations will be on dates.

You’ll also come off as a more well-rounded and interesting person.

The girl you’re with will definitely appreciate that.

And it’s not just about impressing her. Having these things in your life will make you happier and more fulfilled and possibly help you find your purpose as a man.

Some of the most popular hobbies among guys, according to girls, are:

  • playing guitar
  • cooking
  • hiking/outdoorsy stuff
  • photography
  • painting
  • traveling

Final thoughts on questions to ask a girl to see if she likes you.

I hope you picked up on the common theme from all the question examples.

You are not just asking questions to ask questions.

You want to bring everything back to you so you can gauge her genuine interest levels.

Don’t be afraid to go for it if you believe she feels the same way.

You win some, and you lose some.

If you lose her, it is clear she wasn’t meant to be, and you can move on.

The girl you are meant to be with won’t make you jump through hoops.

She’ll see your value and want to be with you without you having to ask her questions like this.

But in the meantime, these questions can help you get an idea of whether or not she likes you.

And finally, don’t overthink it. Just have fun and enjoy the process.

The more fun you’re having, the more attractive you will be to the girl you’re with.

And who knows, she may end up being “the one.”

Just remember to stay true to yourself and don’t change who you are just to try and impress a girl.


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