The Power Of Walking Away From A Woman: Protect Yourself

Yes, there is a way to protect yourself from women who will cause heartache, be full of drama, and waste your time and energy. The key is to learn the power of walking away.
A guy considering walking away from the relationship

Knowing what to look for and understanding when it’s time to walk away from a woman can help men in many ways.

It can protect them from heartache, drama, and wasted time and energy.

It can also help men avoid being taken advantage of or getting caught up in a toxic relationship.

There are plenty of women looking for nothing more than a man to take care of them.

They may pretend to be interested in a man for who he is, but their ultimate goal is to get him to support them.

These women can be highly manipulative and will often use sex as a way to trap a man into a relationship.

They may also make false promises or exaggerate their feelings in order to keep a man hooked.

Once a man is firmly under their thumb, they will often start to control and exploit him.

This type of woman is not worth a man’s time or energy.

A guy who happily walked away from a toxic relationship

Why walking away from her is so powerful

In the early stages of a relationship, a woman will do everything she can to keep you interested.

She’ll pursue you relentlessly, text you constantly, and do whatever it takes to stay on your mind.

But her behavior may change once she feels like she has you hooked.

She’ll become more distant, less available, and less interested in what’s going on in your life.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from these women. The key is to learn the power of walking away.

When you walk away from a woman, you send a clear message: you’re not going to put up with anything less than what you deserve.

You’re not going to chase after her or beg for her attention.

You’re not going to put your own life on hold while she figures out what she wants.

I want to be clear. It’s not about saying you’ll leave.

You need to put that energy out there that she is not your world, and you are not going to put in all the effort to connect and see if something is there.

Having that “I’ll walk away energy” will make her understand that you will not tolerate any games or drama.

If she can not do better, you have no problem moving on.

This allows you not to lose all your leverage and power in the relationship.

If you don’t have this energy, she will continue to take you for granted and push you around because she knows you won’t do anything about it.

Guy kissing a woman that is attracted to him

How to attract women by walking away

Learning to have the walk-away energy will make women want you more because there is a critical shift in mindset.

Without this energy, women naturally possess this dominating behavior.

Her behavior of she is the prize, and you have to do all this work to get her attention.

You have to call, pay for everything, be this great guy, and if she wants to see you, it’s on her terms.

It almost always comes to the point where men start chasing women and putting their own lives on hold just for a chance with her.

This is very unattractive behavior, and it turns most women off.

However, when you have that walk-away energy, you become the prize.

It’s not that women are not worth your time or attention, but that you value your time and attention more.

Here are some tips that help you attract women by walking away:

Have an interesting lifestyle

Most guys get it wrong and think it’s about the amount of money they have.

It’s all about the lifestyle, guys!

When she sees you hanging around interesting people, doing exciting things, and living a life that looks great, she will want to be a part of it.

She will want to know more about you and see what your world is like.

An interesting lifestyle also makes you more attractive because it shows that you’re not desperate for attention or validation.

Give her a taste of what it’s like to be with you

Now, you want to let her into your world.

Let her see what it’s like to be a part of it and enjoy herself.

As long as you keep that walk-away energy, she will understand that she has to be worthy of staying in your life.

You also see how she handles herself and better see if she aligns with your core values.

Make sure you’re not too available

She will start to take you for granted if you’re always available.

She will know that she can always get ahold of you and that you’ll always be there when she needs you.

But if you’re not too available, she will start to wonder where you are, what you’re doing, and where she stands.

She will start to miss you and feel more connected to you.

She will be more likely to chase you when she feels that connection.

This is powerful because most women are the ones being chased, so when you give her different energy, it’s very attractive.

Be a mystery

Don’t give away everything about yourself right away.

Make her work for it and want to know more.

Be secure in yourself and the value you could bring to a relationship.

She will want to know what makes you unique and put in more effort.

This will lead to more meaningful conversations and help you determine if she is someone you can build a healthy relationship with.

Have unshakable confidence in yourself

Show confidence in your value and self-love, and live a happy life.

Even if she shit tests you or tries to play games, you will not engage.

You know your worth and will not be drawn into her drama and insecurities.

This will make her want you more because she knows it takes a strong and confident man to walk away from a beautiful woman.

Determine your standards and have boundaries that will not be compromised for anyone.

Make it clear that you’re not going to chase after her

Again, this is not about telling her you are not going to chase her.

As a high-value guy, you want her to know it from the way you handle yourself.

Suppose she says anything that even remotely implies that you will have to do something to get something in return. In that case, the next thing you do is critical.

You need to handle it in a way that lets her know that what she said is not something you will tolerate.

Say, “Excuse me,” and look like you are trying to process what she just said.

This will let her know that you are not happy with what she said and will give her a chance to backtrack.

You want to see that she is changing her tone or trying to laugh it off.

She will know that you are not someone who is going to tolerate games, and she will respect you for it.

Remember, you want a woman worthy of your time and attention.

You don’t want to be with someone constantly testing you or trying to take advantage of you.

Be a challenge

Women love a challenge, so when you walk away, you are adding an element of mystery and challenge to the interaction.

She will want to know why you’re not interested and what she needs to do to change that.

This is a great way to screen for women who are actually genuinely interested and want your time and attention.

The biggest mistake guys make is not being a challenge and just accepting what is given to them.

Make her work for your approval, and she will be more likely to appreciate it when she gets it.

Let her see that you have other options

Think about it; we don’t want to be the last ones picked for a team.

We want to be chosen first and recognized as being valuable.

The same goes for women, they want to be chosen by a high-value man who has other options.

It’s the ultimate compliment.

When you walk away from a woman, you are showing her that you have other options and that she is not the only one in your life.

This will make her want you more because she knows you are a high-value man with a lot to offer.

When you have that walk-away energy, you will find that women are naturally more attracted to you and want to be a part of your life.

They will start to see you as the prize and work harder to keep your attention.

It’s a simple mindset shift, but it makes a difference in how attractive you are to women.

A guy deciding if it's time to walk away from the relationship

When should you walk away from her

Whether in the dating stage or already in a long-term relationship, there will be times when you want to walk away.

You want to be sure that you are not in a moment of frustration and that you really want to walk away from the interaction or relationship.

A few key signs will help you determine if now is the time to walk away.

I’ll go into the signs you are in an unhealthy relationship and should consider walking away.

The focus is never on keeping your relationship alive

Life, in general, is hard.

It’s more complicated when you are with someone who seems like they don’t want to keep the relationship happy.

They only focus on the negative stuff, which every relationship has, and constantly nag and complain.

It shouldn’t be this way.

You should be with someone who wants to make things work and is always looking for the good in the relationship.

If there’s no effort being put in by your partner, it might be time to walk away before things get worse.

The trust is gone

If she can’t text, go out with friends, or do anything without you being there, that’s a sign of insecurity.

I’m not talking about you being insecure because of past bad relationships or being controlling.

I’m talking about you being in a relationship where you already see signs of her being untrustworthy, and you don’t feel comfortable with her.

For example, she was recently caught entertaining other guys.

This can happen early in the relationship or after being together for years.

If the trust is gone, it will be hard to regain it, and you might want to think about walking away.

You’re always arguing and never getting anywhere

It’s normal to argue with your partner from time to time.

But if it’s a constant thing and you’re not getting anywhere, that’s not healthy.

You should be able to resolve your differences and move on.

Suppose you find yourself in the same arguments repeatedly. In that case, you might be in a bad relationship that is not worth saving.

Especially if she doesn’t know how to have healthy arguments and they’re more like attacks, it could be signs you are in a verbally abusive relationship.

She is unresponsive

When you send multiple messages, and she doesn’t respond, it might be a sign that she’s not interested in you anymore.

If this is a constant thing, it might be time to walk away and find someone who appreciates you.

If a woman is interested in you, she will text you first or initiate plans with you too.

You should be with someone who is excited to see you and wants to spend time with you.

She’s not happy unless she’s around other people

If she’s always saying she’s bored when alone with you or needs to go out and can’t stand being in the house, it might be a sign that she’s not happy with you.

It could also be a sign that she’s not happy with herself.

Either way, it’s not a good sign for the relationship.

You should be with someone who is content around you and doesn’t need to be constantly surrounded by other people.

The physical attraction is gone

Men need to be physically attracted to their partners, especially in a new relationship.

It’s not shallow; it’s just the way we are wired.

If you are no longer attracted to her, it might be a sign that the relationship is in trouble.

Physical attraction will come and go throughout a relationship, but if it’s gone for good, it might be time to walk away.

Keep in mind that how she makes you feel is a big part of your staying physically attracted to her.

Think about these beautiful actresses that get left or cheated on. It’s obviously not because of their looks.

Gaining weight or no longer dressing sexy doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to lose attraction if she loves you and treats you right.

So, be sure you are looking beyond just the visual to gauge your attraction levels.

She doesn’t give you any respect

As men, we want to be respected in our relationships.

This is different to some degree for every man, but there are some general things that we all want.

We want to be respected for our thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

We want to be respected for our achievements.

And we want to be respected by our partners in the public and in private.

If you don’t feel like she respects you, address it, and based on the response, it might be time to walk away.

You no longer want to spend time with her

The classic pull-in to the driveway and not wanting to get out of the car because you don’t want to go in the house is a sign that something is wrong.

If you are dreading seeing her or being around her, it might be time to walk away.

When your partner takes this much energy out of you by just being around, it’s not a good sign.

You should be with someone who makes you want to spend time with them, not someone you have to force yourself to be around.

She plays too many games

Sometimes you start spending time with an immature person and it takes a little while to see their true colors.

Suppose you feel like she’s constantly testing you or playing games. In that case, it might be a sign that she’s not ready for a serious relationship.

It might be time to walk away before you get too invested in something that is not going to work out.

Your mental health is in jeopardy

Unfortunately, not everyone will notice the early signs that their partner is not suitable for them.

Sometimes it takes until your mental health is in jeopardy before you realize that you need to walk away.

If you are constantly anxious, stressed, or depressed around her, it might be time to walk away.

Your relationship should make you feel happy and content, not like you are constantly walking on eggshells.

There can be severe issues that can plague a relationship, and if you don’t address them, they will only get worse.

If your partner is making you feel like you are not good enough, it might be time to walk away before it destroys your self-esteem.

You’re in a toxic relationship

Protect yourself from emotional and physical abuse by walking away from a woman who is toxic for you.

It might be painful in the short term, but it will be worth it in the long run.

The sooner you recognize you are in a toxic relationship and get out, the better off you will be.

This kind of relationship can lead to physical and emotional abuse, which is something no one deserves.

If you are in a toxic relationship, it might be time to walk away before it destroys you.

Toix relationships can cause you to lose friendships, family members, and money.

You’re in an unhappy relationship

This is not a fantasy. But, of course, your relationship will have its ups and downs.

This issue is when your relationship stays down for a prolonged period, and you are both unhappy.

If you are both unhappy and neither is making compromises to try and make things better, it might be time to walk away.

It’s not worth staying in an unhappy relationship just for the sake of it.

You’re losing your self-respect

An alarming sign that you shouldn’t overlook when you are considering walking away is when you start to lose your self-respect.

It will take a toll if she constantly puts you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, is guilt-tripping, or disrespects you.

A relationship should make you feel good about yourself, not bad for being who you are.

You’re not growing in the relationship

The truth is a woman can hold you back from becoming a better man.

I’m not saying that it’s always intentional but you need to be with a person aligned with your purpose as a man.

We have to find a purpose outside ourselves as it is a large part of our happiness as men.

If a woman is not giving you the personal space you need to grow as a man and create a better life for yourself or those around us, it might be time to walk away from a relationship.

Being in a relationship should not stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. If anything, it should help.

If you feel suffocated or like you are losing your identity in the relationship, it’s a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

This makes it easier to hit rock bottom because we have no direction and start questioning our existence.

The romantic relationship you want doesn’t exist

When you are not getting what you need out of a relationship, it’s a pretty obvious sign that things are not likely to work out long-term.

You must ensure you invest your time in a woman who wants the same things.

If you want something more than she is willing to give, it might be time to walk away from the relationship before you get too attached.

A guy who is happyily single

How to get comfortable walking away

It’s not always easy to walk away from a relationship.

Especially after you have invested time, energy, and emotions into it.

The key is to remember your relationship should make you happy.

You should not have to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of a relationship.

Here are some things you must focus on to develop your walking away energy:

Focus on abundance

If you are a single guy, you need to ask more girls for their numbers and learn how to date multiple women at the same time.

The more options you have, the easier it will be to walk away from any woman.

You must get over your scarcity mindset and start thinking about the abundance of relationship opportunities available to you.

Embrace being alone

A person that is comfortable alone is a person that will never be desperate for a relationship.

You must learn to enjoy your own company and find things to do that make you happy without the need for another person.

This is not easy, but it’s essential if you want to get comfortable walking away from any relationship.

Focus on your purpose

When you have something you are striving for that’s bigger than yourself, it’s easier to walk away from anything that gets in the way of achieving it.

Find your purpose, and let it be your north star.

No woman or relationship is worth sacrificing your dreams for.

Make a list

You want to list the qualities you need in a woman that will give you the ability to walk away.

When you have a list, it becomes easier to identify when a relationship is not worth your time and energy because it’s missing key ingredients.


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