How To Be Respected As A Man

If you want to be respected as a man, it's essential to avoid doing things that will damage your reputation.
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There’s no one right way to be respected as a man. But there are certain things you can do to increase your respect from others.

It only takes one action to lose respect.

Cheating, for example, is an act that will instantly cause people to lose all respect for you. So if you want to be respected as a man, it’s essential to avoid doing things that will damage your reputation.

As men, we want to be respected leaders in our families, social circles, and careers. To achieve this, there are several key areas you should focus on that we’ll break down in this article.

What makes you a respectable man?

There are many qualities that make up a respectable man.

Some of the most important ones include:

  • Being honest and trustworthy
  • Treating others with respect
  • Keeping your word
  • Being reliable and dependable
  • Having integrity
  • Being humble
  • Working hard and being responsible
  • Leading by example

Let’s break down each of these qualities and explain how you can incorporate them into your life to become a more respectable man.

They express their respect for others

Expressing your respect for others can be as simple as respecting the other person’s time by showing up when you are supposed to. It can also be more subtle, like not interrupting when someone is speaking or making an effort to see things from their perspective.

Respectful men make an effort to avoid conflict and instead look for ways to compromise or find common ground. They know that a relationship is made up of two people and that it’s okay to disagree with opinions expressed.

Remember that respected people, respect people.

They know how to say no

Yes, negative things happen when people don’t get their way. So knowing how to say no is a valuable skill.

Respectful men know how to set boundaries and stick to them. They don’t give in to demands just to avoid conflict. Instead, they stand their ground and calmly explain their position.

Setting clear boundaries is a golden rule for a respectable person.

Help others when they need it

When you genuinely help people when they need it, you will earn respect. As we mentioned, you have boundaries, and people know what you are about.

So, when you take the time to help someone, you are going above and beyond what is expected. It shows that you care about others and are willing to put their needs above your own needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are helping a friend move or giving them advice. When you go out of your way to assist others, it will not go unnoticed. People will begin to see you as a reliable and helpful person, both qualities that earn respect.

Admit to your mistakes

Whether in business or personal lives, making a mistake is inevitable. What matters is how you handle it.

A respectable man knows how to take responsibility for his actions. He owns up to his mistakes and apologizes if he has wronged someone.

Instead of making excuses or trying to cover up his mistakes, he takes the time to learn from them. This shows that he is willing to grow and improve as a person.

Say what you mean

A respectable person is honest and doesn’t play games. For example, he says what he means and means what he says.

You can’t build trust without being honest. And being honest is a vital part of being respected. People need to know that they can rely on you, to tell the truth.

This doesn’t mean that you have to share everything with everyone. But it does mean being honest when it matters most.

Be humble

One of the most essential qualities of a respectable man is having an inner sense of humility. Humble men are confident in themselves and don’t need to put others down to feel good about themselves.

They know that they aren’t perfect and that there is always room for growth.

Consistently keep your promises

If you tell someone you are going to do something, do it. People need to rely on you to follow through on your commitments.

This is especially important in business but also applies to your personal life. If you say you are going to take your partner out for dinner, do it. Don’t make excuses; just do it.

People need to feel like you have your priorities straight.

Respectful men keep their promises because they know that their word is important.

Be able to laugh at yourself

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. However, what separates respectable men from the rest is their ability to laugh at themselves.

Instead of getting defensive or angry, they can see the humor in their mistakes and learn from them. This shows that they are confident and secure in themselves.

Laughing at yourself is a sign of maturity and wisdom. It shows that you are comfortable in your own skin and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Be willing to change your mind

A respectable man is open-minded and willing to change his mind if presented with new information. He knows that he doesn’t know everything and can always learn from others.

Instead of being stubborn, he is willing to listen to new ideas and perspectives. This shows that he is flexible and adaptable.

It can be challenging to admit that you were wrong, but it shows the strength of your character. People will respect you more if you are willing to change your mind than if you are stubborn and set in your ways.

Keep your composure

Respected men rarely lose control. They know how to keep their emotions in check and think with their head instead of their heart.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t feel emotions. They just know how to control them and not let them get the best of them.

Instead of flying off the handle, they take a step back and assess the situation. This allows them to make the best decision possible instead of reacting impulsively.

Real life can throw us a curve ball when we least expect it but remain positive. For example, you might get laid off from your job, or your partner might leave you. It is during these difficult times that our true character is revealed.

More respect can be earned or lost just as fast.

A respectable man knows how to keep his composure during tough times. He doesn’t fall apart or crumbles under pressure.

Instead, he uses these difficult experiences as an opportunity to grow and learn. As a result, he comes out of them stronger and wiser.

Respect yourself

The most important person you need to respect is yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, have a positive self-image, and have high self-esteem, others will find it difficult to show you the same respect.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be arrogant or cocky. It simply means having a healthy level of self-respect.

Treating yourself with respect means taking care of your body, mind, and soul. It means eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

It also means being honest with yourself, setting boundaries, and not settling for less than you deserve. When you respect yourself, others will naturally follow suit.

Be authentic

Respected men are genuine and authentic. They are who they say they are, and they don’t try to be someone they’re not.

They are comfortable in their own skin, and they don’t feel the need to put on a facade. As a result, people respect them because they know they can always count on them, to be honest, and real.

Living an authentic life means always being true to yourself and your values. It means being honest about your feelings and not pretending.

It also means being accepting of yourself, flaws and all. When you are genuine and authentic, people will naturally be drawn to you and respect you.

Highly respected people FAQ

What does highly respected mean?

Highly respected means that someone is held in high esteem by others. It means they are admired and respected for their accomplishments, character, and/or achievements.

How do you know you are respected?

You know you are respected when others consistently show you courtesy and deference. They might also tell you directly that they admire and respect you.

How do you identify respectful people?

You identify respectful people by their actions. They are usually considerate, courteous, and thoughtful. They might also have a high level of integrity and be known for their honesty.

How do you know if you are a respectful person?

You know you are a respectful person if you consistently treat others with kindness and consideration, no matter who they are. You never intentionally hurt or disrespect someone, and you always try to avoid conflict. If there is disagreement, you try to find a peaceful resolution that everyone can agree on. You are also always honest with others, even if it means telling them something they may not want to hear.


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