How Many Hobbies Should A Man Have: 21 Fulfilling Ideas

Having hobbies is essential because they add variety and excitement to your life. They give you something to look forward to outside your job or other responsibilities.
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The routine of life can become relatively mundane and predictable.

To live a happier life, it is important to have hobbies that bring joy and provide an outlet for creativity.

As a man, you need to have ways to express yourself that are aligned but are outside of your purpose.

You need something that fills you with enthusiasm, joy, and a sense of adventure.

Why hobbies are important for men

Having hobbies is essential because they add variety and excitement to your life.

They give you something to look forward to outside your job or other responsibilities.

Hobbies also offer opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills.

And hobbies can provide a much-needed outlet for stress relief.

How many hobbies should a man have

The number of hobbies you should have depends on what brings you fulfillment during your leisure time.

Some men are content with one or two hobbies, while others need several to feel well-rounded.

Ideally, a man should have at least three hobbies he enjoys and looks forward to engaging in regularly. These hobbies can be anything from playing sports to learning to play chess.

Ultimately, you should have as many hobbies as you can as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t distract you from the important things in your life.

Is it good to have multiple hobbies?

If you have a life that offers you healthy free time, there is nothing wrong with adding other hobbies to the list.

Do as much as you can to expand your tool kit.

Suppose you already have a hobby playing a sport or two. In that case, it may be a good idea to consider a hobby that supports your critical thinking skills.

For example, if you enjoy building things, try a hobby that requires creativity, like painting or sculpting.

Hobbies are a great way to stay sharp and improve your mood. Make sure to choose hobbies that you genuinely enjoy and make time for them on a regular basis.

Can you have too many hobbies?

You can have too many hobbies. Hobbies are meant to be secondary activities that support your role as a man.

If you find that your hobbies are consuming too much time or money, it may be necessary to cut back.

It is also essential to ensure your hobbies do not become a distraction.

Ideas for hobbies that will make you happier

There are many types of hobbies to choose from.

Be open-minded and try many different things until you find hobbies that make you happy.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

man learning to play guitar

Play a Musical Instrument

Playing an instrument can be very rewarding. It can also be a great way to socialize and meet new people.

It’s also great for your brain. Research shows that playing a musical instrument can improve your memory, coordination, and ability to multitask.

You want a way to have women come to you; playing guitar in the park works like a charm!

Men on hockey team

Join a Club or Sports Team

Joining a club or sports team is a great way to meet new people and stay active.

It’s also great for your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.

And being part of a team can increase your sense of belonging and self-esteem.

Take Up Photography

Photography is a great way to document your life and the world around you.

This can also provide great images for your social media accounts.

And it’s a hobby that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Photography could be the perfect way to scratch your creative itch.

Start a Collection

Starting a collection can be very rewarding to grow over time.

Think about what you love and start collecting items that relate to that.

Learning the details of an item and what makes them valuable can also be very satisfying.

Something about knowing so much about something that other people have no clue about.

Most people see just a watch, but you see a watch that just went up thousands in value in the last year.

This hobby does come at a higher cost depending on what you decide to collect.

But it can also be inexpensive once you have the knowledge and use yard sales and estate sales to acquire your collections.

man happy gardening

Take Up Gardening

A lot of guys shy away from gardening because they think it’s for older people. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gardening is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It’s also very relaxing and can help reduce stress levels.

I like to think of it as a self-sufficient skill. Being able to grow your own food is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

Learn to Dance

Dancing is a great way to meet new people and get some exercise.

It’s also a lot of fun. And it’s a skill you can use for the rest of your life.

Being able to dance will allow you to connect and get close when you are ready to lock in that second date!

men mountain biking

Mountain biking

Riding a bike has many benefits.

You get some exercise and fresh air, and it’s a great way to explore new places.

Mountain biking takes it to the next level by adding some adventure to the mix.

Just make sure you have the proper safety gear before hitting the trails.


Hiking is another great way to get outside and explore new places.

And like biking, it’s a great workout.

There are many types of hikes, so you can find one that’s right for your fitness level.

Just make sure you’re prepared before heading out. Bring enough water and snacks, and let someone know where you’re going.

man carving wood

Wood carving

Creating something out of nothing is very satisfying.

And wood carving is a great way to do that.

It’s also a hobby that you can do at home with very little equipment.

All that’s needed is a piece of wood and a carving knife.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start making some really cool things.

Younger guy and older guy playing video games

Playing video games

I know this one has some negative connotations. But hear me out.

Playing video games is a great way to unwind and relax.

And it can be a great way to connect with friends.

There are also many different types of games, so you can find one that’s right for you.

Just like with anything, video games can be great if done sparingly. However, the right game can be time-consuming and take away from other hobbies or responsibilities.

Board games

With so much being digital, board games offer a sense of nostalgia.

And they’re a great way to connect with friends and family.

There are many different types of board games to meet what you like to play.

Whether it’s a strategy game like chess or something more lighthearted like monopoly.

There’s definitely a board game out there for you.


Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It is perfect for when you want to switch things up from the hustle of the rat race.

Fishing requires patience and stillness. Something very different about the way we typically live our lives.

Depending on how you want to do this hobby, it can be very costly or very cheap.

You can go deep sea fishing which requires a boat and equipment. Or you can simply go to the river with a rod and reel.


Similar to gardening, cooking is a great way to provide for yourself.

And it’s a skill you can use for the rest of your life, especially on dates.

Most people enjoy a good home-cooked meal, so offering that as an option will definitely put you ahead of the pack.

Refinish/ repurpose old furniture

It can be very satisfying to sand down that old dresser and give it a new paint job.

Not to mention it’s a great way to save money.

You can find old furniture at garage sales or even on the side of the road. Then, you can turn it into something new and beautiful with a bit of elbow grease.

man in yoga class


Yoga offers excellent health benefits while also allowing you to socialize with attractive women.

It’s a great way to reduce stress and improve flexibility.

And like cooking, it’s a skill you can use for the rest of your life.

There are many different types of yoga, like hot yoga, restorative yoga, and power yoga.

Self defense

Learning to fight has many life benefits and is one I always suggest be one of your core hobbies.

You work on your physical fitness, learn how to defend yourself and your family, and gain a lot of confidence, and it’s just fun.

And if you ever find yourself in a real-life situation, you’ll be glad you know how to fight.

Make sure you join a good club or take classes from a reputable instructor.

As you can see, there are more than a few reasons to learn self-defense and if you are looking for a new hobby, start here!


If you are in need of more hobbies, paintball is a fun activity you should consider.

I like paintball because it requires strategy and skill but at a different level because it can be painful if you get hit.

Paintball is a great way to relieve some stress, have fun with friends, and get some exercise.

Make sure you dress correctly and have the proper safety gear before playing.


Bowling is a classic hobby that is perfect for people of all ages.

It’s a great way to socialize and have some friendly competition.

Bowling is relatively cheap compared to other hobbies.

So if you are looking for a new hobby, consider bowling.

man playing golf at the driving range


Golf is another classic hobby that is perfect for people of all ages.

Be careful here because golf can be the most relaxing, frustrating, and stressful hobby you can take on.

A lot of practice and consistency are required before it becomes a fun hobby.

But golf also offers many benefits like fresh air and socialization, and it’s a great exercise if you walk the course.

Offer freelance services

Some people just find earning money fun and fulfilling.

If that is you, lean into it. If all you’ll do is think about it anyway and not be present, you may as well get paid and just do the thing.

This could be anything from writing to design, consulting, or coaching.

There are endless possibilities; the best part is you can set your own hours and rate!

As long as you can do this and not feel overwhelmed with work, this can be a great hobby and way to make some extra money.

Start a blog or vlog

Start a blog or vlog if you have something to say and want people to listen.

This is a great way to share your hobbies and interests with the world.

You can make money from ads, sponsors, or even selling products.

The sky is the limit with this one so if you are looking for a new hobby, consider starting a blog or vlog.

Remember that at this point, it’s a hobby. So going into this purely for the financial benefit is not the best idea for the primary reason as hobbies should take you away from the stresses of life, not add to them.


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